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Motorcyle, Snowmobile & Quad


Here at Elite Transformations we are your one stop shop for all your motorcyle, snowmobile, and quad needs.

We cover all aspects needed to keep your machine running and looking good.

Mechanically, whether you need routine maintenance or a complete rebuild, we are equipped to take care of you.

Need that special aftermarket part or the flash of a custom paint job? We've got you covered.


Just like you, We, here at Elite Transformation share that passion for riding whether on the open road, out in the woods, or on a nicely groomed snow covered trail. We also understand your desire to make your ride one of a kind. Custom paint and the right aftermarket accessories can really improve the performance and styling of your bike, atv, or sled.

We have done everything from simple tank paint jobs to more complex complete paint jobs.

Let us supply all your tires and aftermarket parts needs. If you want a new chain for your bike, ECU upgrade for your snowmobile, or need new rims for your quad, we can get and install them quickly. Why purchase from some unknown internet website when you can deal with our knowledgeable staff and still get your items at a competitive price.


Other Services

Elite Transformations, LLC
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Elite Transformations is located just minutes from Middletown in Portland, Connecticut